Self introduce


Hello,I am Milk or you might know me when I was called Thea.Why do I change my name?Well,that possibly because some nationalities can not pronounce very well,therefore I changed a public worlds and also because I like every dairy.However,my mum would like me called some responds  positive meaning.I came the UK on my 16th birthday,now I am 18.I spent 2 and a half years in Brighton and had various experience and met so many groups of people.But There is always a group of people around me the same with me , either here or in China.

Friends concerned I am a Lose Weight Daren,therefore when they got problem on their body,the first thing is ask me.I prefer doing exercise in my free time ,like jogging and some powerful exercise in gym.However,LA Fitness totally broke my heart,their service is good but system is horrible!  .Many of my friends were suffered now it’s me.


Mayball Experience

5.30 is the school’s annual Mayball dance, at a friend persuaded me again participated. Have to say that this year’s theme is great, The Great Gatsby. In the movie released, I was attracted to see Leonardo finished, this sad endding ending. At that time I was very annoying heroine dsiay, funny is my best friend, also called daisy and she’s not a Ungrateful woman. Everyone might want is not the same, or Gatsby still in love, but his fascination with the girl has changed its appearance. So you see, when he was killed very distressed and very sad. I hope to live up to their future so that others do not.

Back to school dances, due to graduate soon, this is the last opportunity we can photo taken. But I do eat more attention attracted many. The school is really great chocolate waterfall, outdoor grill also praise. Restaurant Central sweets is won my heart.



I’ve got a photo of three years, but year after year maturity, so just put this photo.


Finally, I am grateful to our school art student, as we have arranged a very nice site.

My High School

Dalian in Dalian City, the third high school is directly under the Department of Education High School, founded in 1955. The school is located in North Road, No. 252 River mouth, covers an area of ​​30,500 square meters, construction area of ​​16,500 square meters, green area of ​​2,500 square meters, the sports ground area of ​​13,000 square meters, the circular runway perimeter 300m. The school has 30 classrooms (a total of 2430 square meters), physics and chemistry laboratories each two libraries 762 square meters, the books of more than 76,000 books, reading more than 1000 square meters, seating 334, 15 kinds of newspapers, periodicals 220 kinds, a multimedia classroom computer 138 units, hall (Auditorium) 212.4 square meters, 342 square meters arts classrooms. There are classes with 30 students 1500. 109 full-time teachers, of which 45 senior teachers, a teacher 40, 13 municipal backbone teachers, teachers in the municipal labor.


School located in Dalian City of North Road, east of the main road, the traffic is very convenient. The main building has a school classroom building, laboratory building, office buildings as well as a standardized all-plastic playground components. Students use the facilities improvement, as well as a library, reading room student, faculty reading room for students to learn and teachers’ work provides a great convenience.




The school has more than 1,600 students, faculty and staff of 134 people, under the joint efforts of students and teachers, educational achievement has gradually increased, undergraduate enrollment rate of more than 80% of students have admitted to the Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University of Finance and Economics, Liaoning University and other famous colleges and universities. With the same number of highly qualified teachers emerge, public school classes and papers have won national and provincial awards, has laid a solid foundation for the development of the three.



Although only read three books in a year, but deep experience. There carrying my best youth and time, and never forget.


Now we are in the final stage of the whole foundation programme,facing graduate and the moment of department,we all feel sad and also excited  about long summer holiday.However,we get final exam which related to our result without and chance to retake.

Look back this year,business group c get on well with each other.We have dinner with our tutor in China Garden,we set up a dinner by ourselves in Juxiangyuang and had hot pot together.All I can remembered now are nice moment.I am very glad to meet my classmates.

Turning to our each subject in three terms.Firstly,compared with first term,this term we looks like have vocation here.In the first term,we have three important classes one day and each needs to write a lot practice a lot.Therefore,we feel so busy in that three month.Likely,we met nice and kind teachers who give us many tips on every single part of study.

Talking about second term,we have business math which is simple and easy for Chinese,in which case our class has 14 Chinese.Sadly,we feel economics 2 is totally difficult and sir who taught us is not professional enough.Unfortunately,I need to retake economics 2 this term.As I got low economics mark in As programme ,thus,transferred to Foundation.

Now,we not only need to prepare for final exam and all personal retake, the big thing is to get 6.5 or 7 in our ielts before August.Personally, the economy is a challenge to self- discipline. In Alevel when he did not seriously study the economy , resulting in matriculation no great progress. I hope my re-examination would be too . Compared to the previous day in the life of matriculation fairly easy . Especially the last one semester , summer is coming up , sunshine hours a day for a further period , the temperature gradually rises , we all enjoy such changes. Weekend will go to the beach barbecue or sunbathe , relax his short forget the pressure of examinations .

Graduation ceremony held at the school last week , we all got their diploma. My best friend won the best student award economy , congratulations at the same time feel very envious of her. Reflect on their own throughout the semester , in addition to their favorite accounting is very handy , there is no serious very hard to learn other subjects. This led to the final is not very satisfy everyone ‘s scores. Control their own free time-wasting behavior was very remorseful . I hope you can get rid of in college .

Our class a total of 16 people , but only two do not speak at noon , so even in school , most of our time is also used Chinese exchanges , which gives us the English stalled. I hope it will be more in college students from other countries and exchange .My classmates were reported in different parts of the university, so the future together may be very difficult. But still really looking forward to the future of university life. 

And most of the people in our class, I’ve been here for almost three years, as a second home, there are a lot of thought and memory becomes very sad to leave. Fortunately, Southampton and here is not very far away so you can always come back. It is said that in addition to good restaurants in London, Brighton has the most, it makes me even more reluctant to here.

Reflect on your CIT classes here at Bellerbys.

CIT is an unnoticed subjects Bellerbys College Foundation program, though CIT great is not to be counted in the total score , we are still in the CIT course and learned a lot of useful tips .


Our first project was to make a ppt.Last week, we have just completed finished a five -minute speech show each person. Other subjects in this semester have requested lecture course work, so we cherish the opportunity to practice more than once . In the same time we have to do ppt skilled operating skills , in order to finally show the most beautiful .


Then we began to learn excel , it is really difficult . Most of students in our class in our own country are not very systematic trained IT education before, so we learned a lot of excel skills which can be used in the future.Also became more and more interesting in IT . There are several classes students will give helps when teacher is busy.It also greatly promoted the friendship between the students .


Then we are now in a step by step to complete our blog, in fact, most of us who have been in their country ‘s social software like blogs . But on the applications and tasks world-press let us know more about British culture .


School teacher teaching method is also very chic , let yourself explore not directly to us, this is great.


IT classroom atmosphere is very relaxed , and we love this course .




XinYang WANG


Foundation CIT Writing Assignment

English class has been through our programme in each term,we have to finish various course work to make sure we get every skill that we are needed in the university.Through long time of learning I found that there are many different between general English language using and academic using.For instance,when we thinking we usually speak some mantras like‘um’‘well’,however in ielts writing test it is not allowed us use any non-written expression.Also,when we chat with friends we usually do not need to care spelling to see if it is correct,nevertheless,it worth several marks in writing test to check spelling.
For my personal opinion,it is a little difficult to notes very well, fortunately,I met nice and patience teacher,now I feel confidence on that part of skill.To be honest,I am quiet enjoy what we have done in FES class so far,although we always claim that ‘why we need to do this’‘What is that’‘How many percentage does that have’kind of questions,we all did very well in the end.The most important thing we want is more ielts skills.Each people worries about different part of section in ielts exam,therefore I wonder we can get more basic suggestions on ielts.

BUS-C 05.10

How does Foundation course work compare with the examinations any and all subjects?

We are now studying the last term of our Foundation programme,all of us are know well of scheme in each term and in various subjects.


My personally opinion is that,some part of our course work do really help us for the final exam.However,some are not.For instances,when we did our first course work which is for Business Study,we felt it is hard to do especially there is words limited.Fortunately, we met a very nice teacher who gave us helpful advice and lead us did each course work very well.


Turning to English course work,it is very memorable.Not only just writing an essay but also a group of communicating.We had to prepared enough for final real test and also for great score.Thankfully,all of us exertion is worth ,we learned skill that give advance in our future life and improve efficiency.


We realized that each course we have done is the most important knowledge in our subject and also have high possibility appear in our final exam with 15-20 marks.As we all know our course work is a prat of our grade that will effect weather we can go to university or not,in that case we must to do every course work seriously.


How I modified my ideas about university courses during Foundation Program ?

My future direction is not very clear when I first came the UK ,all I didi is just according to the meaning of the parents ,passed ELPP programme and then went through AS ,after that transferred to Foundation Programme which is the most sensible choice I have made. However, with completing UCAS , I was clearly realized that I should seriously think about my future professional. After asking my parents ,like most Chinese students I choose an accounting and finance as my future development.In order to graduate before successful finding a job,choose to read accounting is a very wise decision , though many people have given up because ACCA is very difficult to obtain . For me, without learning the knowledge by myself I do not listen to the words from others mouth nevertheless I trust that I will get what I want in the future,


 The choice of five universities actually hesitated me for a long time, I do not know which uni can really help me and which one is famous in China. Parents did not give me any advice in this regard , they believe their daughter’s determination, so I strengthened my first choice – the University of Southampton . In fact, the University of Southampton ranking is not the first amount all my five choices, but I find this small city is very attractive to me , maybe because it is the beginning of Titanic.


Now I am in the third and also is the last term which means I will leave here soon. After such a long time , I still yearn for the University of Southampton, the interest in the accounting profession so does, therefore  I ‘m looking forward to my future university life.



My Easter Holiday Experience.

 Just like past two years Easter holidays since I came here, this year I still enjoy holidays in the UK. The only difference is that I did not work , lost the only pleasure in life making three weeks holiday more boring. So one night on a whim,my roommate and I decided to go to York . It was her exception for three years, finally decided in late April and I went to enjoy the riverside castle and afternoon tea . Four days and three nights of the trip so that we were all very excited and did a lot of online search tips,finally booked a four-star hotel in York and fortunately, the hotel does not allow us both lost due to it si across from the train station. But  took half-a-day’s road from Brighton to York made us crazy.


Departure route from Brighton to London Victoria station , then take the subway to Kings cross waiting for the train to York with expected arriving time on 4pm . Never thought we missed the train to York . Very sad we have to spend over 60 pounds to buy a new ticket, fortunately caught the express train half an hour earlier than expected . York welcome us with warm sunshine, suddenly we forgot all setback after check in we put down our luggage and straight go to the center of York.


However it is not the same as expected our imagination , we going around in circles for a long time and chose to eat Nando’s, fortunately, we met up that famous afternoon tea restaurant. After dinner we walked back along the bridge with nice view back to Hotel , but the hotel gave us a surprise ,when we decided to go to shower,suddenly the fire alarm rang .We were confused account to did not know the meaning,with the notice we realized that there might be something happened and fortunately nothing happened.We contacted our friends and were invited to the evening party。Finally we went back to hotel with our tired body,we slept until noon the next day . The hotel’s breakfast was over, but nice weather still effect us,we began our trip. On the third day we went to Sheffield and came back with lots of nice photos.In the end,we must to say goodbye to York and go home,


The beginning of the second week my roommate flew  to China because her long time holiday.Since that I was looking forward to improve my cooking skill with an wish which is cook for my parents when I come back to my country.


Finally, school day was coming,we started our last term.